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  1. Not sure how you can see anything enough that conveys disgust
  2. Plaxico was literally doing it to Eli on the field and I don’t remember this strong of a reaction.
  3. I bet nobody on the team or in the organization has thought about it since maybe Friday morning.
  4. Yeah nowadays you have people giving up on draft picks after 1 or 2 seasons.
  5. I think that’s the “Right this way, sir.” formation.
  6. What exactly did Toney do wrong attitude wise? Posted “I’m not mad shit is lame”? And then the next day post that everyone is reading too deep into shit. Sounds like everyone is reading too deep into shit.
  7. Buck stops with the head coach. I’m sure Judge approves game plans and is fully aware of what’s happening during the game.
  8. The coaching has been bad.
  9. Sure he can take Judge Garrett and Graham with him too.
  10. Coaches need to find ways to get him the ball.
  11. Maybe if we actually used him correctly. He needs to be used like McCaffery and Judge and co are using him like Zeke.
  12. Let’s get a turnover on this drive.
  13. He’s replacing Gates at left guard not at center.
  14. Judge should challenge that timeout.
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