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  1. i think Kepp has a future at either 2b or 1b....
  2. get rid of hernandez and diaz i say.... i liked keppinger, whatever happened to him?
  3. your thoughts? midseason trade, or, im hoping for clemens
  4. theres a bad cause and effect cause and effect argument... as success in the draft means you will win a superbowl
  5. all he does is repeat what others say... you can find anything he spews on any draft website. he's a broadcaster, not an expert... thats why he's on TV and no in anyones FO
  6. we will see... i hate draft grades, and draft analysis'... you can't really judge them untill 3 years down the road. guys like Mel Kiper makes millions of dollars for doing nothing, essentially
  7. i love that report about how Peprah was schooling all the other DB's during the senior bowl practices, even the CB's
  8. sounds good... i know i have to start from the ground up... i'm seriously looking into it... just gotta make some "key" friends
  9. this is the guy that absolutly knocked around Boone and Pussy Hilton Armstrong during that elite 8 game..... then again, thats not saying all that much.
  10. as mike eisen was saying, what more do you want out of a 7th round pick? All you're looking for is something to start with... he has speed and athleticism and thats a great foundation to work with.
  11. prob have to start out in the college ranks.... i shoulda made more connections while i was here
  12. i can't beleive EA is content with a DT tandem of Joseph, Robbins, the rook, ducket, seawright and another rook for god sakes, at least bring in buckner for minimum salary
  13. im gonna laugh in 3 years if 4-5 of these guys turn out to be pro bowlers
  14. yeah i agree.... and anything after the 4th round is really just a big crapshoot. he can draft whatever, just not another DE please, theres really no roster spots, lol
  15. what do u want out of 5th rounders and later? 95% of them won't be starters
  16. not bad... considering we don't really have anyone behind demps and wilson... and wilson is really bad in man coverage in case you haven't noticed
  17. we're going to draft mauisuthias kjajksbuwuwhsa from, NO MOREDE's State
  18. but my guess is that it will be another ACC player, since we have 4 out of 5 from that conference, or another guy with a last name of kjashduihyuiashuihuka
  19. i want derrick martin or mills... the guys in my sig
  20. make the 5th rounder Derrick Martin, the guy in my prof... or the other one, mills
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