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  1. im gonna laugh in 3 years if 4-5 of these guys turn out to be pro bowlers
  2. yeah i agree.... and anything after the 4th round is really just a big crapshoot. he can draft whatever, just not another DE please, theres really no roster spots, lol
  3. what do u want out of 5th rounders and later? 95% of them won't be starters
  4. not bad... considering we don't really have anyone behind demps and wilson... and wilson is really bad in man coverage in case you haven't noticed
  5. we're going to draft mauisuthias kjajksbuwuwhsa from, NO MOREDE's State
  6. but my guess is that it will be another ACC player, since we have 4 out of 5 from that conference, or another guy with a last name of kjashduihyuiashuihuka
  7. i want derrick martin or mills... the guys in my sig
  8. make the 5th rounder Derrick Martin, the guy in my prof... or the other one, mills
  9. right cause u know exactly how things are going to turn out for these guys... thanks moses
  10. first 3 from the same conference... prob a coincidence...still looking for another corner and DT... get the guys in my sig with our two 4th rnders
  11. ehh i dunno after watching Holmes burn Griffin and he dind't even turn around to find the ball
  12. youboty, from what i read, is another project player. i think the most disturbing thing i've read about mathias kaklahsoiwnika is that he lacks intensity, and is a second slow off the snap.... not good.... tom will have to get on his ass
  13. don't jinx it storm... here comes Daniel Manning in round 2, lol
  14. but then again who are we to say horrible pick.... who knows how they'll turn out... i thought OSI was a bad pick back in 03
  15. funny because they didn't think Logan Mankins (who the fuck) was a reach at the same pick last year.... even when he was projected late 3rd round...
  16. funny if he turns out to be better than Luigi.... i mean mario they're both almost the same size
  17. i was thinking that too... i'm waiting for EA's explanation... think of it this way.... if we have tuck and mathias out there for every 3rd and long, strahana and Osi won't wear down... saves em like 10 plays per game. thats important
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