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  1. Have to agree with ya, I'm really proud of the men in Blue. They had a good seaaon and are having a great playoff season, if we lose today sure it is somewhat of a disappointment but I couldn't be happier with this team and where its gotten itself.

  2. I think Bradshaw should have a decent game. it's easier to be the one cutting than it is to be the one reacting to the cut, multiply that in the snow. I'll be dissappointed if Bradshaw doesn't see a good many carries in the second half.


    Hasn't he been somewhat injured over the last number of games?


    I think it was against Buffalo that he inured himself, nothing major just something thats nagging at him.


  3. How did you arrive at being a Giants fan? Is Winninpeg over by NY? Just curious.


    I actually dont live near Winnipeg either but I have been to alot of CFL games, abit easier up here with family and all living near the stadiums. In all honesty I started watching the CFL and NFL around the same time, my dad is a big CFL fan and thats what first got me watching football. Since I can remember I've been watching CFL games with my dad and it wasn't to long before I was watching the NFL.


    I don't know what to tell ya about how I found the Giants though. Some people have their favorite teams because their family pretty much forces them to be fans of the team :P Some people are fans of the team because they live in the area or have lived there in the past. I guess when I started watching the NFL when I was six I think hell it was along time ago I was just more inclined to watch the Giant's games whenever they were on. Pretty soon I started to learn everything I could about the team and I was able to catch LT play his final season with the Giants. I don't know I guess the team chooses you so to say.


    P.S. I actually live in Ontario and I'm surprised I didn't end up a Vikes fan being right across the border from them :P Alot of Vik fans where I live....which wasn't the best thing this year.

  4. the dog has no hidden agenda here...just curious, are you originally from canada, and if so, where does the average canadian stand with regards to the NFL and Canadian football league?


    Yes born and raised in Canada. As for the NFL and CFL I can not speak for the average Canadian. I guess I can say we have a "football" club here, there are about 25 of us and we all watch both the CFL and the NFL. We all meet at one guys house, he has a big flat screen TV where we watch which ever game we find the big game of the week. Unfortunately me being the only Giant fan there it's hard to get some Giant's games on that screen unless the other team is playing us. He does have another three TVs in the house where we watch other games too. We each have teams in both leagues me and about 7 others are Winnipeg Blue bombers fans(CFL team) while I already stated I'm the only Giants fan.


    We sometimes do discuss the whole which is better the CFL or NFL but it always comes down to us agreeing that it doesnt matter since we all watch both leagues.


    Anyways back on topic, nice extension our D line is even more set with this signing for years to come.

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