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  1. 23 minutes ago, mastershake said:

    How he only has 3 receptions is a travesty.

    Eli made him a star because Eli would actually use his check downs to Barkley.

    All those years of experience he knew when to dump the ball off for a gain.

    Jones to his credit and discredit never looks for the underneath stuff unless the play has broken down. 

    Barkley is a dynamic runner he's dangerous in space and in one on one situations.

    We are treating him like Brandon Jacobs just plowing him into the gaps. 

    Yes Barkley does dance when he hits the line sometimes but that's just his style.

  2. 0-2 the last 8 years out of 9.

    Goodnight fellas, this Canuck is tired and got some all 22 film to watch tomorrow, atleast the offense looked better. 

    Graham and Judge can both get fucked for all I care though. 

  3. Just now, mastershake said:

    I'm not sure why anyone was optimistic going into the season when Will Hernandez and Nate Solder we're our starting RG and RT.

    The Oline is probably the only thing that isn't a big issue lol 

    I'm more worried why we went from a top 10 defense to a defense that reminds of me Sheridan calling plays. 

  4. I was so optimistic going into this year.

    Just destroyed after two weeks lol 

    Atleast I get to see the rookies and core players develop and hopefully stick around with the new HC and GM. 

  5. 1 minute ago, mastershake said:

    If we lose to the fucking Falcons next week, I have to think some firings need to happen.

    Mara has to realize what his team is right now.

    We are the Browns of the NFL. 

  6. 9 minutes ago, Virginia Giant said:

    I dunno, I'm pretty encouraged after this game.  I hope this is the true week in and week out Daniel Jones.  And I hope the line that was out there in the 2nd half is here to stay. Defense needs to figure their shit out though.

    Jones has a definite preference for Sheppard though, maybe just the slot thing. 

    Jones looked much better, Oline played well too. 

  7. Imagine being a former ST coach now HC who does nothing but talk about bring tough and disciplined.....and you loose the fucking game on a special teams error.

    This guy lost me as a supporter. 

    Take your goofy fat fucking face back to Beillycheeks in New England and go get a real HC in here. 



  8. Just now, Herc said:

    I can’t tell if heineke is good bc we just gave up back to back career games to him and Bridgewater 

    Wasn't Bridgewater on his way to being a good QB but then destroyed his knee? 

    I know last week people called him a bum but I remember the NFL being really high on him before the injury. 

  9. 1 minute ago, mastershake said:

    This team and organization are so pathetic.

    This loss is not on any one player but friendly reminder that the Giants are 8-25 with Saquon Barkley, and 6-8 without over the last 3+ yrs.

    Isn't that like saying the Giants haven't had a winning season since Shepard has been on the team? 

  10. Just now, mastershake said:

    It's pathetic.

    And keep in mind, we just played a shit team too with a backup QB. Imagine when we face good teams coming up too....oooyyy.

    I give Henike credit dude could be a starter in the NFL. 

  11. Imagine being Golladay or any FA who came here.

    Getty and Judge sell you on the idea of a hard working team ready to turn it around.

    Just to look the same lol 

    I feel bad for them honestly. 

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