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  1. He has taken the name of the WARDEN on defense.
  2. Beckham was also traded before the Giants drafted Jones, so.
  3. John Mara is replicating the Wellington-esque “no idea what the fuck I’m doing but I’m trying really hard to not fuck it up” we just weren’t alive for it. Ask that old fuck shredder
  4. Gettleman sure. Jones? You are smarter than this, dude
  5. Yeah, Booyah is correct. Half the fan base wanted to throw Eli out after the Vikings game in 2007. kyler Murray legit cost his team the game today because he threw 3 terrible interceptions and the lions should have caught like 3 more. Every QB is gonna have stinkers. It happens
  6. I agree. They get gassed because they can’t get off the field on 3rd downs. End of story.
  7. Plz migrate south with the rest of your people to Boca and retire, Mr. Magoo
  8. Jacobs was what the Giants thought they were getting in Dayne. Jacobs was a tailback who needed a hole, and once he got there...watch out. Bradshaw ran like he was angry at the ground.
  9. Yeah, 37. Packers were gifted two touchdown drives because of terrible penalties. Refs also blew a fumble call
  10. But not run by a dirty, filthy Greek name Molestros
  11. Its likely a 3 year deal with 54 million within those 3 years. Hes gonna carry the rock like 450x the next 3 seasons. He will be dead by 45
  12. It cost less because they dont have strong union labor in Texas
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