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  1. Yeah, 37. Packers were gifted two touchdown drives because of terrible penalties. Refs also blew a fumble call
  2. But not run by a dirty, filthy Greek name Molestros
  3. Its likely a 3 year deal with 54 million within those 3 years. Hes gonna carry the rock like 450x the next 3 seasons. He will be dead by 45
  4. It cost less because they dont have strong union labor in Texas
  5. Only better place they could have sent him was Buffalo
  6. Yup. Thought he would be the second coming of Hakeem Nicks, best in the world but nope
  7. Im sure his wife is glad its not his middle or pointer finger
  8. Also, if the browns dont win....gonna be a fucking shitshow
  9. He wont play 16 games. Hell still be good but he lost that extra step since breaking his leg.
  10. Or the fact that he was going to be a good NFL QB. Dude was fucking terrible last Thursday.
  11. Cant believe this thread went multiple pages. 3 training camps and Webb is still terrible
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