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  1. No way. Cohen has the biggest cock in all of NYC sports now. Yanks can’t afford him, bruv
  2. Bilema’s basically had one foot out the door since he was hired. He’s interviewed for a few CFB positions.
  3. Yeah and during that same game he had Eli sneak twice with no timeouts left and wasted like 30 seconds because he had shitty clock mgmt. Then there was the 2nd Eagles game last year when Doug Pedersen was laughing at him because he didn’t know when to call a time out before the 2 minute warning.
  4. I’m thinking that when he hit mid field he thought someone was gonna catch him and then when no one did, his stride got all fucked up. If you watch the clip again, you can see him start to over stride around the 30 yard line. He absolutely thought he was gonna get caught
  5. He has taken the name of the WARDEN on defense.
  6. Beckham was also traded before the Giants drafted Jones, so.
  7. John Mara is replicating the Wellington-esque “no idea what the fuck I’m doing but I’m trying really hard to not fuck it up” we just weren’t alive for it. Ask that old fuck shredder
  8. Gettleman sure. Jones? You are smarter than this, dude
  9. Yeah, Booyah is correct. Half the fan base wanted to throw Eli out after the Vikings game in 2007. kyler Murray legit cost his team the game today because he threw 3 terrible interceptions and the lions should have caught like 3 more. Every QB is gonna have stinkers. It happens
  10. I agree. They get gassed because they can’t get off the field on 3rd downs. End of story.
  11. Plz migrate south with the rest of your people to Boca and retire, Mr. Magoo
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