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  1. Am I the only one that despises night games? And we get to start the season with back to back night games.


    I don't even love 4 o'clock games.

    I'm officially old.


    This is the first game ever I complained how late it was


    Give me 1 pm or 4-430pm

  2. Who the fuck is in charge of evaluating the fucking the offensive line? Who the fuck? Beside Reese! I want to know who's actually looked at this line and said "Championship "?

    It's sad.


    It's on Reese (the OL/Flowers), but sadly, Perkins is JAG with good feet and vision nothing else..and not feautirig Marshall today was criminally incompetent of the coaching and Eli

  3. That's 4pm Pacific. No way I can make that, I don't get home from work until after 9 your time.


    This is one reason I was asking about how to set auto draft. I made my keeper picks, and I probably will be a no show so I apologize in advance for the 1:30 hold time while my team auto picks.

    I can do later then 7 eastern if it helps rik. I can draft as late as needed Friday night most likely
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