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  1. Announcement Link I know I let you guys down last year. But this year we are happy to announce that The Panel of Experts is up a running. Sportswrath has added a Pick'Em league to the forum. However, will you have to re-register again. We will be going against each other, and going against 2 Experts. Merril Hodges and Sean Salisbury! I'm still working on making the Pick'em Board look like our Message board so please be patient. Please Register Here Registration Link. Please try to register under your current user name. It will be easier to keep track of everyones record
  2. I would say that's a fair assesment.
  3. What a stupid move by James.
  4. NFC EAST New York Giants Giants.com (Official) BigBlueInteractive.com (Unofficial) NYGForums.com (Unofficial) NYG-Fans.com (Unofficial) GiantInsider.net (Scout.com) (Unofficial) FootballHuddles.com (Unofficial) Dallas Cowboys CowboysGuide.com (Unofficial) CowboysZone.com (Unofficial) CowboysCentral.com (Unofficial) TheRanchReport.com (Scout.com) (Unofficial) FootballHuddles.com (Unofficial) PHILADELPHIA EAGLES ConcreteField.com (Unofficial) DMac5.com (Unofficial) 700Level.com (Unofficial) IgglePhans.com (Unofficial) WingHeads.com (Unofficial) PhilaPhans.com (Unoffici
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