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  2. I really didn't see it that way. To be fair, I chalked it up to injury, but it was rough. The best OL in my view... was Gates. His performance, given the turnstiles on either side of him, was shocking to me. I'm ignoring his first four games or so, obviously. Because those were awful. But first time, at a new position, in the NFL, I'll give a pass. I really can't fault the front office much for not putting more resources into the OL this off season because they put so much into it last off season. Sooner or later you have to give the young guys a chance to learn. I can only assume they've shown well enough in the building to justify the team's faith that they'll one day soon be able to perform well enough on the field.
  3. I agree, last year wasn’t as bad, but the other years have been atrocious. I still don’t have an opinion on Judge, but previous coach, Chuck Schumer was just bad.
  4. Actual pic of me as a Giants fan the last four years
  5. Die on that hill Shakes.
  6. He astonishingly was our best OL last year in large part because the rest of the line was putrid, and that's even as he was playing injured.
  7. no clue why anyone would think Zeitler was the team's best OL last season. Zeitler was just the lineman with the most recognizable name. He was hurting and did not play well at all.
  8. Martinez on covid list now.
  9. Lol, this quote just has that feel of something that will be meme'd for years. “This guy does a tremendous job in meetings,” Judge said, via Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News. “He does a great job in walkthroughs...."
  10. Yesterday
  11. We won’t need to worry about Toney’s issues since the o-line isn’t going to give Jones any time to throw the football.
  12. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/07/27/joe-judge-issues-with-kadarius-toney-have-been-overinflated/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  13. Unless you think his literal presence will hurt the team, it would be stupid not to let him stay and try to make the team. Save money and get rid of him vs Save more money and keep him
  14. That's fair. I just think it's bizarre that we couldn't find a way to retain him for something far less than $14M but more than $4M. It's also a joke that Solder is still on this roster, regardless of his restructuring.
  15. Well ive never argued against the idea of trying to get him to restructure. I’ve argued that it’s unrealistic to cut him and then sign him back to the 3 year 22 mil contract the ravens offered.
  16. His contract wasn't guaranteed, lol....only $2M of dead cap against a $14M cap number. How do you get them to accept less? You guys literally just spent this entire thread bragging about negotiating down Solders contract....
  17. I'm saying don't even let it get to that point. But even if it does, I don't buy the notion that we can't beat that deal or that we couldn't find a other replacement....and instead have to rely on Fulton and Hernandez instead.
  18. Also I still would like to see a single example of what your saying Shakes. A guy released from a team and then sign again for a lesser contract, and I'm not talking like a desperation signing like the guy was sitting in FA for months.
  19. I feel like this thread is basically Covid in a nutshell and what we've become. Your either horribly depressed and have the worst outlook on things like Shakes. Or you're just trying to enjoy the ride lol At the end of the day who fucking cares what GM did what or who is signed, as fans we can't influence anything and are at the will of the football gods. Lol what? Even I have to question this. How do you pay a player less who you are guaranteed to pay more while on the roster. "Hey you're a good guard in the NFL we are going to cut you then pay you less to stay with the team just promise you won't sign elsewhere pretty please" He has the highest paying contract with the Giants before we cut him. He went to a better team for middle of the pack salary, that should tell you something.
  20. So you really do believe it’s realistic that we could have signed Zeitler to the same contract the ravens offered after we cut him?
  21. No, I'm saying DG should have found a way to pay him less but still keep him. Ie pay him the $2M in dead cap plus the Ravens offer, in order to retain him. At the end of the day, the dead cap + 3 years $22M is what he's making on the Ravens. Otherwise, reinvest and replace him with someone else...not Will Hernandez.
  22. Im just glad you’ve accepted that signing Zeitler to the same contract offered by the ravens after we cut him is an unrealistic idea. Progress lol
  23. Look at the end of the day, as a GM you are what you're able to produce...and somehow DG fumbled this to the point where we retained Solder, ditched our best lineman in Kevin Zeitler, are now counting on (bust) Will Hernandez at RG, and made no moves to address the OL. That's his record. Meanwhile, RT Matt Peart is currently injured, meaning Solder is currently the RT practicing with the first team. And I'll add the fact that many analysts actually think Matt Peart is better suited to play LT and Thomas better suited at RT, but we have them flipped, which is going to be interesting.
  24. I wouldn’t be re-living all our off-season moves and non moves during games.
  25. You seriously think we could cut him, and then sign him back to the same 3 year 22mil contract offered by the ravens? A legit contender? That wouldn’t even work in madden.
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