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  2. Mike Lombardi said it would happen which means it definitely won’t
  3. Joe Judge assembling unprecedented Giants coaching staff By Paul Schwartz April 12, 2021 | 5:51pm | Updated If bigger is better, the Giants are going to be an exquisitely coached team this season. Joe Judge has assembled the largest coaching staff in Giants franchise history and what, unofficially, is believed to be the largest football staff in the NFL heading into the 2021 season. Including Judge, there are 25 designated spots on this staff, and this does not include strength and conditioning personnel. Nor d
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  5. I like Fitzmagic. I know the public thinks he was just some traso journyman but I always felt like if he had been around a team committed to him, and he didn't wrack up one/two game injuries like he was trying to go for an NFL record would of been interesting to see. He puts up numbers and has played in every system in the NFL, he would make a great mentor IMO I think guys like Rodgers, Rapistburger, Manning (of the Peyton variety) would be horrible guys to be the "older vet" QB teaching the young guys simply because they were/are top QBs who got there by being the leader, the
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  7. Yeah I can see taking Lance if he's going to learn behind an Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, etc. for a few years, then you bring him in year 3 or so. You KNOW Washington will have this guy in the lineup by week 8, and who is he learning behind... Ryan Fitzpatrick?
  8. See if they were trading up for Justin Fields I'd think "Jesus christ god no keep him out of the NFC East" But yes I hope they trade up for Trey Lance, a guy who needs to sit on the bench for a couple years. Reports are that was Snyder all the way. The WFT was fully ready to draft someone else when Snyder walked into the room trying to be all big dick demanding Haskins.
  9. Back when I used to play fantasy football, Matthew Berry would always call August 8th "Jeff Fischer Day."
  10. This headline is seriously right up there with "NFC East Teams Hate Him." or "Draft a QB in Round One Using this One Weird, Old Trick."
  11. Comparing Washington's "surprise" playoff appearance to Buffalo's is ridiculously stupid. WFT only went to the playoffs because someone from the NFC East had to. And yes, I'd say the Same if the Giants went.
  12. Uh... no it fucking shouldn't. Please WTF, give up your entire draft and future picks to take a guy who played football for one year against B- competition. Holy fuck, sports writers are dumb.
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  14. Good article, you need a subscrpition to go to the website but some lovely reddit user posted it online. https://theathletic.com/2478020/2021/03/26/the-giants-had-no-cap-space-heres-how-they-spent-200-million-on-free-agents/
  15. Still expecting 16 wins here! Happy with 12 in year 2 of the coach Judge era.
  16. Is eight wins dramatically different? Eight wins with a tougher schedule is about where this team is I think.
  17. So I'm not the only one expecting dramatically different results from the six wins last season
  18. Bruce Arians had the most coaches in the league last year and that seemed to work out OK for him.
  19. Two more coaches for the Defense: Ryan Anderson and Carter Blount are defensive quality control coaches. Half the team is now coaches.
  20. Left a ton of guys on base last night, again. So early in the season, but gotta get out of that habbit, especially with our bullpen how they are pitching, need to get runs across the plate
  21. nice bounce back with the 8-4 win ....lets see how they get on tonight ( better than Liverpool FC at least ....... )
  22. Since we had all that extra money this year I can defend him on many things, this one however
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