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  2. I'd have been ok with him in the second round. Crazy workout numbers. But he never looked like anything special on the field.
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  4. I went and watched more video... dude looks like a 4th round linebacker.
  5. I saw Gettleman say that the targets at 20 were Toney or Jamin.
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  7. oooooooh he jamin but he not jamin with you!
  8. Giants' WR Kadarius Toney forced a missed tackle on 35% of touches since 2018 1st among all draft-eligible WRs PFF grade ➡ bit.ly/3edsi7A
  9. Really? Shows you what I know. I only knew about the 9'ers, Broncos and Raiders.
  10. Oh don't get me wrong, there's plenty of suck to go around on that side of the ball... makes you wonder why we more or less ignored it after the first pick. I was pounding the table for them to grab Tremble or Josh Palmer in the 3rd. That being said, we had the 31st ranked O-line last year and jettisoned our best player in that unit. Adding your 6th corner isn't going to help evaluate your franchise (or not) QB and honestly, that should be the focus of this upcoming season. I don't think any Giants fan wants another year of "well, Daniel Jones might be the answer, but with a 36% pressure
  11. I wouldn’t be surprised to see either of/or both of them not make the team.
  12. I don't put Carter and Ximines in the same category though to compete against each other. Carter is true OLB, he can either play standing up, pass coverage, run support, or he can get after the passer, to me Carter is competing against guys like Anderson and Ragland this year. So far in his career Ximines is more of a DE/Edge guy, playing with his hand in the dirt or as an edge guy, he's competing with the other pure pass rushers on the team, Ojulari, Odenigbo, Smith, Coughlin, Brown, etc. But both are going to make the team, I just meant the edge spot was crowded, they have ple
  13. I think Carter is on the bubble just as much as Ximines if not more. Both were injured, both flashed. At least Ximines has two years left on his rookie contract.
  14. Oh I merged the DE/OLB/Edge spot into the same thing. I just meant the guys who are primarily lining up in inside the tackles as IDL. I expect Lawrence and Hill to be the main two, I put Williams there since he moves around the Dline all the time but usually lines up inside the tackles #s. However Odenigbo, Smith, Carter, Ximines, I assume Ojulari, all line up with their hands in the dirt at DE or standing Edge. I think he's just the odd man out, Brown was just drafted, Anderson was a recent signing and brings LB versatility, but your right of the list of guys going for
  15. Yeah I'm ok with disagreeing with Pat on that too. Also note the irony we are complaining about Jones not throwing to his check down while Manning was throwing to his check down. Last season Giants never got all their weapons the field healthy after week 2. Shepard out 4 weeks and he is the check down guy for Jones and he never connected the same way with anyone else (Tate).
  16. Overall agree, but I think Ximenes makes it over Anderson or Brown. Way too early to give up on Xman. He had some flashes when he's been healthy, and he's in only year 3 of his rookie contract.
  17. I don't think OL is even the weakest position group on the offense. That would be the receivers, then TEs, and then - arguably - quarterback. The way you guys feel about the lack of OL picks this year is how I felt about the lack of WRs last year.
  18. It was the most glaring weakness on the team and we didn't address it at all. Very disappointing.
  19. Gonna say Shelton and Ximines provided he's fully healthy. We're gonna need more than 4 IDL since we're fielding 3 at a time. Gotta keep that rotation fresh.
  20. Rodgers actually requested to be traded to the Giants (among others).
  21. A total F in my book... This draft was deep in OL talent. Especially round 1 -3 ... disgusting we didn't draft not one OL...
  22. Keep in mind Daniel Jones is mobile QB. If he wasn't they would have given up about 50 plus.
  23. QBs(2); Jones, Glennon. RBs(3); Barkley, Booker, Brightwell FB(1); Penny TE(4); Engram, Rudolph, Smith, Toilololololololololo WR(6); Golladay, Shepard, Toney, Slayton, Ross, Mack (OH MY LORD THE WEAPONS!) OL;(9) Thomas, Lemieux, Gates, Hernandez, Peart, Harrison, Fulton, Solder, Murphy (fully expect the team to add a guy pre camp though, Turner maybe?) IDL(4); Williams, Lawrence, Hill, Johnson. DE/Edge/OLB(7); Ojulari, Odenigbo, Carter, Smith, Brown, Coughlin, Anderson LB(3); Martinez, Ragland, Crowder. CB(5); Bradberry, Jackson, Homles, Robinson, W
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