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  2. Lol, ok, I get that. I just really hate the idea of turning the Giants into the PatriBoys. Just me being a retarded Cowboy hatin' giants fan.
  3. I don't want him because I think he'll be productive for us. I want him so that he won't produce against us.
  4. Kitchens reportedly hired by the Giants in a unknown role as of now.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Also an exciting hiring. DB coach Jerome Henderson former guy on Garretts coaching staff expected to be hired. Hes made a career of coaching scrubs into starting corners in the NFL.
  7. Bret Bielema added as DL coach. Former HC in college and then Pats DL coach. Has a pretty good track record.
  8. Eli said he has no desire to coach or be around the game. I don't blame him, same thing with Peyton, would just make them want to play again. And also I would have zero problem with Witten as the #2 TE, Ellison is more than likely gone to free up 6+ million in cap space and Engram is probably on IR by week 4.
  9. And no. No. No. The Giants are trying to get younger. We don't need some washed up 37 year old Cowboy. We have the picks and the cap space to get our own guy. Now, if he were to come on as the tight ends coach, that would be different. And for fuck's sake, they should get Eli for the QB coach position.
  10. If Garrett does such a good job with the offense that he gets a head coaching job, we will probably keep that same system in place.
  11. I'm afraid everyone is reading too much in to this... Garrett failed at HC and the chances of him getting another HC gig over the next 3 years (probably every) is slim to none. I don't think Tisch and Mara would say something like you mentioned... it's just unprofessional.
  12. Yeah that's really the biggest con to the whole hiring, what if he leaves after a year? I'm willing to bet though the Giants i.e. Mara and Tisch told him if Judge goes like 3-29 the next two years, that Garrett will be giving the reigns to the team. It's a great hire by Judge, really shows he has no fear in losing his job and willing to take on the possibility of this guy he hired as OC might one day take his job if he does not perform. Or the Giants have a complete turn around in two years and make the playoffs in which case then maybe Garrett leaves.
  13. Callahan expected to be picked up by the Browns. However the Giants are bringing Dave DeGuglielmo another well respected OL coach in the NFL. Was with both the Giants and Pats.
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  15. It'll only matter if we turn it around next year, which means all our coordinators will start getting noticed.
  16. Yeah UK. No issue. I don't have too many places to vent to I do it here, but regardless how I feel about Liverpool. that team right now is just humming and the confidence is sky high. That's all Klopp. We have to get over ourselves. You guys got ridiculed for the Van Dyck transfer fee being so high, but it ends up being a bargain. Here we are haggling with guys that we should have in here by now. Always said that Liverpool in the 70/80's were special and they were, but this team is damn close right now.
  17. If for no other reason than to keep the Cowboys 300 yards and 3TDs short this year. Hell, maybe he can even explain to the Giants how to keep TEs with blazing 5.86 speed from getting open six times per game.
  18. cheers Boo ..........lets face it Utd haven't been the same side since Sir Alex left. The midfield has never been the same since Roy Keane retired FFS and that was a bloody long time ago. Thanks. its been a long wait ............
  19. Herc


    Yeah 5 year rebuilding plans are for bad front offices.
  20. I would agree but 9/10 a defender will take a flag instead of allowing the TD. You see it all the time with DBs getting beat deep. I mean once they start running QBs are technically RBs in terms of what hits they can take but your right refs are usually pretty bad for still treating them like princesses. And if all three defenders pulled up they have no one to blame but themselves reminds me of 2006? when we had a certain DE who let a QB go out of a game sealing sack.
  21. Sephiroth


    Weren't they 4-12 last season? This is a crazy league.
  22. You think? To me it encapsulated what's wrong with the game today. Mahomes breaks free and there's three defenders in position to clean his clock... all three pull up because they're scared of getting a flag. Absurd.
  23. still cant believe that TD run by Mahomes .........it was an epic I'm rooting for KC in the Superbowl ....the old walrus deserves one ( and gotta love Spags too )
  24. Witten might knock some sense into Evan Glass Engram and coach the fuck out of the other 2 white boys we got. Ellison might have to be let go - his cap will hurt us. Get that Yannick Ngkaoueojlnkljfldkajdfs dude!
  25. Dolphins have a LOT of draft capital. There was one rumour that Miami is hell bent on Burrow and they might be willing to pay a royal ransom for that No.1 spot.
  26. I could see Carolina or Denver, hell maybe even Tampa trading up to 4 to draft a QB. Dolphins and Chargers are both probably looking to draft QBs.
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