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  2. lol Please for the love of god Mara, don't hire this guy. Holy fuck he's Shurmur 2.0
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  4. Unfortunately not... Even though we can all see he's not quite the guy for the job. Great guy. I want him to do great. But it's his second year and his team is regularly not prepared, it's never going to be good enough.
  5. Well not many many years, more like ... two years. But yeah... He made a ton of mistakes his last season especially. I suspect that the Giants didn't handle it well though... and in a sense, it seems to have cursed the team....
  6. They aren’t going to move from Shurmur for next season.
  7. Coughlin needed to go.. he'd sucked for many many years. The problem is the FO didn't find a better replacement.. they found worse.
  8. I'd rather just lose out so we can get a new coach too...but it would also be pretty great to see Eli hang a 50 burger on the Eagles on his way out the door.
  9. But what if he wins! It will make people angry.
  10. They could have sean Payton as oc, bill belichek as dc, jim Johnson as qb coach, Steve owen st coach...don shula as ol coach....mike ditka as lb coach...bill parcels as d line coach and vince Lombardi as hc and the giants would still suck. Theres almost no real nfl caliber talent on the team. They would probably lose to many college teams
  11. Never should have let Coughlin go. Everyone screaming for his head finally got their wish and what have we done since? Shit the bed, that's what. And now here we are, going on 4 years and 2 coaches later, hoping they usher out Shurmer.
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  13. Eli Manning emerges from darkness to start for Giants By Ryan Dunleavy December 4, 2019 | 10:58am | Updated Eli Manning stood in front of the big crowd at his locker, just like old times. “I missed y’all,” he quipped into the tape recorders, cameras and microphones. Manning showed his quick wit remains intact as he reemerged from the darkness Wednesday because Giants rookie quarterback Daniel Jones (high right ankle sprain) did not practice. It is “very likely,” coach Pat Shurmur said, Manning will start Monday against the Eagles, and it will be revealed whether his skills remained sharp during a 10-week benching. “You’re still practicing,” Manning said. “Sometimes you’re running other people’s plays, but you’re still throwing it, hitting guys in stride and trying to throw it accurately, and doing all of the drills. Hope to get back there and be sharp.” After starting 232 of 233 games, including 210 straight, Manning was benched in Week 3 after the Giants started 0-2. Wednesday marked the two-year anniversary of his strange one-game benching that led to the firing of Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese, and Monday will be one year since Manning’s last victory (against the Redskins). The most difficult part of the last two-plus months? “Not playing in the games,” Manning said. “You miss being a part of the action and practicing and all that. Felt good to get out there today.” Manning’s first challenge is to halt the Giants’ losing streak before tying the franchise record of nine straight. He has lost nine of his last 10 starts to the Eagles and hasn’t won at Lincoln Financial Field since 2013. “Eli looks good,” Shurmur said. “He’s been ready to play all year. If in fact he does play this week, he will be ready to go. I expect him to go out and have a winning performance.” Shurmur said Jones’ high ankle sprain, revealed by an MRI exam, is “similar but not as severe” as the injury that kept running back Saquon Barkley out for three games this season. Surgery is not expected. It was a greater vote of confidence than his later assessment: Shurmur described Manning as “eager” and isn’t concerned about potential rust because, he said, “What are we going to do about it?” An injury to Jones likely was the only ticket back to the field for Manning, who, as The Post reported last month, was not interested in a ceremonial start in front of the home fans in Week 17. Now, because the Giants figure to take the safe approach to Jones’ recovery to avoid long-term complications, he could have a four-game farewell tour. “He’s watching a lot of things with me,” Jones said, “and trying to take me through a lot of different things.” Manning, who turns 39 on Jan. 3, still has not revealed whether he will retire at season’s end, return to the Giants as a backup or look to play elsewhere after 16 seasons in blue. He claimed faulty memory when asked if he was part of any trade discussions — requiring waving a no-trade clause — at the October deadline. “You never want to try to make decisions about your future while you’re still living in the present and don’t know the circumstances of what could happen,” Manning said. “I’ll analyze everything else after the season.” Giants receiver Sterling Shepard, who arrived in 2016 and is Manning’s longest-tenured offensive teammate, admitted he thought he caught his last pass in their connection. “He’s going to get a yellow [Hall of Fame] jacket,” Shepard said. “I expect Eli to step up big.” Manning is 116-116 in his career as a starter and never missed a game due to injury, a remarkable stretch of durability at the position matched only by Brett Favre and older brother Peyton, both of whom eventually broke down physically. “I think we all should appreciate that,” Shurmur said. “That’s part of what makes Eli who he is. He was available and playing, and that’s important that the franchise can trust that you’re going to be out there.” Manning’s reliability was depicted in a return to his noncontroversial, team-first tune. “I’m trying to go out there, play hard, compete, and try to get a win for the team,” Manning said. “The team is obviously going on a long stretch. Guys are working hard and doing everything right and deserve to feel good about the work that we’re putting in.” When his seven minutes were up, Manning was asked if he really missed the media attention. “Uh, no,” he said as he walked off.
  14. I won't lie in kinda hoping he comes in and wins a couple games just for his last ride. But he'll have to outscore the opponent by 65 points to have any chance with this record setting defense.
  15. Eli behind this OL is going to get murdered.
  16. lol.. white women (or men for that matter) don't age well.
  17. Well at least we would be 7 and 9 every season. The team of underachievers.
  18. Ron Rivera as DC Norv Tuner as OC If that happened, I might actually be OK with Shurmur for another year.
  19. Can't wait to see old Derp Face out there one more time...
  20. Its just an sprained ankle....no big deal...right guys?
  21. Jones is hurt dog. High ankle sprain he's Ina walking boot like Barkley was.
  22. Hold your horses... this team sucks regardless of who the QB is. Jones has been a bright spot on this otherwise pathetic team... his turnover problem is no worse that Eli's. I'm not sure why do this now and for what reason... The only thing I can think of is it's genius because you really want that #1 or #2 pick in the draft so why not throw the rusty QB and preserve the young one for a better season... Brilliant.
  23. The whole situation is setup for an Eli win. Giants on a losing skid. Eagles in the playoff race. Eli having one last go before he's more than likely out the door. This has Eli fourth quarter magic all over it. Granted the defence is probably going to give up 29 points before half time and another 32 in the second half.
  24. Eli, behind a regressing OL, against Philly, on MNF? I hope he's prepared his will.
  25. THE GOAT! Really makes you appreciate how Iron man Eli really was. Inb4 we win the game and the media pundits start declaring Jones a bust and how we should keep Eli for 5 more years.
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