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  2. Him, Cruz, and Manningham were a good trio.
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  4. Pdouble


    I think Toomer might have been the last wr we had that didn’t get cut down in his prime.
  5. Dude was just the best. Just add him to the list of Giants WRs who were cut down on their prime.
  6. fantastic ....will never forget flying over for the Wild Card game v Falcons ( second best game of my life )
  7. Herc


    Lol I came here to make this thread. I’ll always love that 2011 season where he ate the whole league
  8. I felt the same way until last off-season... but honestly, fuck those people. They showed up in literally EVERY online forum two summers ago when they went and singed/traded for everybody in the world and talked SO MUCH shit. Plus Baker Mayfield is a douchebag. So yeah, fuck the Browns and fuck their stupid fans, I hope they lose for another 40 years.
  9. Last week
  10. Agree. This or he hires the same PR team as Jeter. Ben BS doesn’t fit here in the NY Media. Look at Arod, did he smack some waitress? He got killed for shooting juice.
  11. not a chance, NYC would have run him out of town. There are things about that guy that only went unreported because he played in Pittsburgh. It might have been the only city in the country that he could have succeeded in, because they have just the right level of love for their team in the public and media, and the 'right' cultural expectations in the community that a total fucking asshole like Rapelisburger could be his lousy self and get away with it.
  12. Meh...not if he won superbowls. I believe no matter where he played, the winning would bury the bad publicity. I think that mentality starts far below high school. I've seen coaches try to convince parents of starting players to let their kids play when the parents are keeping the kid home for disciplinary reasons. Thereby teaching the kid that 1, they don't suffer the same consequences as non-starters or non-players but 2nd, and to my point, teaches that skill is more important than discipline and self control. It's not right, but it's how it works. Ben might have faced some scrutin
  13. Despite what Nas says he was trash. Count throw accurately with short routes.
  14. Lol oh boy I was ready for Round 2 of the great Webb. Can’t believe he’s not in the HOF
  15. If Ben pull the rape stuff as a Giant. The NY Media would bury his ass. We are not that forgiven here in NYC.
  16. Yeah I suggested him right when our draft position came out.
  17. Surtain wouldn't disappointment me at #11. Get a pass rusher round 2 like Basham and suddenly we have a pretty fucking stout defense.
  18. I honestly wouldn't mind if we drafted Patrick Surtain Jr at #11. He's been solid this season, and did real well last night. Hopefully his long speed checks out but he could be James Bradberry #2 on this team.
  19. The tight end from Ohio State#88 had some great hands last night until he got knocked the fuck out. I really could not believe he stayed in the game, he was legit blacked out for 1-2 seconds. Did not even take a play off. If he has any brain activity left, he would look good in blue
  20. I think the Dolphins or Bengals may draft him now at #3 or 4...he's that good. We'd have to give up a lot to trade up to that.
  21. I can't imagine they made this trade without some understanding a lucrative extension is coming for him. This move is one step closer to the orange and blue floats heading up Broadway
  22. Not to mention I know everyone is tooting his horn but isn't Reid the OC and play caller with the Chiefs? Sure Reid has a fairly good coaching tree but it's like the Giants believing that MacAttack was a good OC in Green Bay eventhough McCarty had full control of that offense and play calling. This Bienemy guy might be the next Hue Jackson.
  23. Yea I know.... but again players today are not the same as those players... speed and athleticism is out of this world. I think it was Bill Parcells who said something like "The opposing team knew what we were running and they just couldn't stop us"... paraphrasing of course.
  24. Why? Evidently not very smart. Will cost us a few games with stupid penalties and won't last long because no one's body is made of steel.
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