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  2. Shurmur got two. Judge is going to have to earn that third year with more wins than the last two years.
  3. Well, during the last CBA it was negotiated that there could be no two-a-days during the summer, and you weren't allowed to tackle. This made the first 2-3 weeks of football a sloppy mess each year since starters had only been tackling for about 45 minutes combined the entire summer (the 4 preseason games). There's also the Thursday night game where teams don't have time to prepare so that game sucks. So guaranteed, there's 3-4 weeks of bad football for your team. This was done in the name of "player safety" and "extending careers." Has it actually done either? I'm not sure. The new CBA, from my understanding, is cutting out two preseason games. So now starters have about 15 minutes of full-contact drills this summer. My guess is this will lead to a minimum of four weeks of shitty football, possibly 5. To top it off, in addition to 7-9 teams making the playoffs, we'll now likely get more sub-.500 teams making the playoffs each year... though if it ends up being "the 10-6 team that somehow wasn't eligible in years past makes it in" then I guess it's possible it could be a better format. I guess we'll see. Like I've said in other threads though, my consumption of football has gone from 12 hours per week to about an hour and a half... the product is SO bad these days. I've barely even watched the playoffs and skipped two Super Bowls in the past three years.
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  5. Is it really that terrible though? Last year was much better than the previous few I would agree. But still when compared to the ever declining MLB fanbase and the NBA which has players literally over ruling owners/GMs because they want their butt biddies on a team, I don't know I think the NFL is holding it's own.
  6. Always awesome to see the NFL further dilute their already terrible product.
  7. Only the #1 seed gets a bye week. Basically one extra wildcard team from each conference. Not saying there's a chance but pretty much there's a chance.....
  8. I think it was Cannon who replaced Solder in NE. Flemming has never been a starter in the NFL outside of injuries.
  9. Isn't this the same guy who many people said we should have signed instead of Nate Solder two years ago, or was that another Pats O-lineman? And if it is the same guy, what happened to make him into an NFL-bottom feeder instead of the answers to all of our O-line problems? Was he not that good to begin with or did he just suck in Dallas?
  10. We'll have no idea until we see what Joe Judge is. If he's Coughlin Jr, he gets three years to get things turned around. If he's Ray Rhodes, he'll probably be one-and-done with a new GM. No GM wants to come into a situation where their head coach is a dick.
  11. They decided that they’re going to ask their CBs to cover for 7-10 seconds rather than rush the passer.
  12. Well true - but none of those are core positions which SHOULD HAVE BEEN upgraded this offseason. I mean - I thought we had so much fucking Caproom and suddenly, we dont have any left and still no position seems to have gotten upgraded effectively. WTF did we do?
  13. Judge will be given at least 3 years to right this ship in the right direction. All the other coaches after coughlin were puff soft fucks without a proper plan or clue and neither a capability to hire capable coordinators. Judge looks like a guy with a plan. This team is literally just a better OL away from competing. I hope that gets fixed with better coaching. I mean, if we could fuck Flowers up the way we did and he actually goes and becomes serviceable for other teams, I hope the current coaching staff can get the most out of the players. If anything, Williams should fucking play his heart out because he knows he is getting paid what he doesnt deserve so far for his play.
  14. Well, you did ask for one position that's been upgraded and they named 2, so, there is that.
  15. There was no secret that Getty was almost fired this offseason, and Mara laid down the challenge of Getty making a plan that will pull this team out of the gutter it's been in the last 4 years. However let's say he doesn't pull it off. Williams signs the tag, Judge doesn't have a good first year, Dimes hits the historic year two slump for QBs, etc. So Getty "retires" and Mara goes hunting for a new GM. Very rarely does any new GM wants to work with the previous GMs coaches, roster, staff, etc. Look at how quickly Getty threw JRs players out the door. So if it happens, does Judge get bounced after a year? Does the team go through another rebuild? Are Jones and Judge safe under a new GM? Or does Mara just hand him the keys to the city?
  16. Sweet, RB depth and ST. We're on our way to the playoffs baby.
  17. Last week
  18. it was, lol not like it wasn't flat out said publicly that was among the reasons. We're getting back near the days of Bobby Hart. Remember too that Flowers and Hart refused the play the last game of the prior season. Refusing to change positions is precisely in character with that.
  19. I thought the whole reason he was cut was because he was getting benched and refused to move positions.
  20. they cut Flowers mid-season. They had other tackles. Not good ones. But better than Flowers. If Flowers doesn't refuse to try a position change, he doesn't get cut. At least, not so soon.
  21. I'm sure Eli Manning didn't want to play backup QB his last year but he did. If the Giants had another tackle on the roster who could play at that time, they could have moved Flowers to Guard. Not about player wants but the needs of the team.
  22. He refused to move to guard. It took the wake up call of being cut to get him to accept that move. Let's not forget, Flowers wasn't just a bad player for us. He was also an idiotic asshole.
  23. I thought the Giants should have moved him to Guard before outright releasing him. There were other issues besides his ability to play tackle that lead to him being cut. I think he will enjoy a level of success at Guard in the NFL but he will never be the dominate player that was expected when he was drafted.
  24. Good move for Rivers, Chargers wasted his talent from day 1.
  25. Bucs offensive line hasn't had an accurate QB since Brad Johnson and Tom Brady is still accurate. Similarities at this point as far age is interesting. Tom Brady isn't going to win this season for the Bucs by throwing over 5000 yards. He has to conserve his strength and be accurate.
  26. He does have a knee injury that I think caused concern for the Titans to re-sign him long term. I think might have been a factor for the Giants not aggressively pursuing him as well if he was on their list. Either way I think the Giants have other plans for rebuilding this offense that goes beyond Conklin. They may very well draft the future LT and have him start at RT. If the Giants do not draft a tackle in the first round I think they'll try to scheme around their high priced average LT and make the best of it. If that tackle proves he can handle the LT position outright I don't believe the Giants will hesitate to move Solder over to RT.
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