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And So It Begins...




I didn't even realize that Sportswrath had a blog feature. Don't even know if anyone could find it if they knew it existed either. Oh well, I'm not gonna take this too seriously. Just gonna use this area to discuss the Sportswrath Fantasy Baseball League and all of its inherent trades, drops, trends, etc. Either that or I'll use this area to complain about the players who have burned me. Well, since the season has yet to begin and all the trades are pending, I'm gonna go over a short list of players who will not burn me again, and a few I simply don't trust.


Rickie Weeks, Howie Kendrick - I throw these guys in the same boat because I've historically had 2b problems in fantasy baseball. Weeks, who a sportswriter recently considered renaming the dated Mendoza Line after, is an extremely frustrating player to have and a drain on the ol' BA. While Weeks teased, Kendrick is like a topless chick behind a glass window. He hits for a high BA, which would help as a whole if he got enough ABs, but he always gets hurt and never does deliver enough production to merit the consideration. I ended up with the league replacement level Placido Polanco next year.


Joe Mauer - I have all the respect in the world for him but people are fawning over him for no reason, especially when he's just an average catcher (10 HR) who can't steal anymore. Love the batting average but of all the positions where you can get a high BA, catcher helps the least. Never had him, never will.


Alex Gordon - I've been down that road a couple of times. I fell in for the hype and then I thought that he'd be a good post-hype sleeper. Nope. I'd probably be better off chasing a Cameron Maybin type. At least he runs.


Scott Kazmir - He's given me some good years but he just isn't steady enough to stay on the mound. Plus his historical dominance of the Red Sox always made for a frustrating conflict of interest.


Ichiro Suzuki - Still an amazing player, but you never know if you'll get a .310 or a .350 BA. Either way, his proficiency as a leadoff hitter does wonders.


Any Yankee - I just can't do it. Sorry, there's no way. I can work my strategy around it by getting players I trust.






So yes, let the season begin. As of now, there are many trades in the works.



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