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Giants Football - My religion




Chapter 1


January 28th, 1991 - A 5 year old refuses to go to bed, his attention focused on the happenings of Superbowl 25. Tossing a miniature plastic football with his father during commercial breaks, the questions never ended. Dad - Who is the best player on the Giants? You think the Giants can win? Can I please stay up?


He got his wish - With eyes glued to the television as Scott Norwood's kick sailed wide right, he was thrilled to learn the Giants had beaten the heavily favored Buffalo Bills to become the champions of the world. Although he was a mere toddler, he recognized the magnitude of the game and so begins the first chapter of his life as a die hard Giants fan.


For the next 2 years of his life, football games dominated recess and he was encouraged by 2 different teachers to "write about something besides the Giants sometimes" in his school journals. He wouldn't hear it. The rest of the third grade was greeted by a Rodney Hampton impersonator on Halloween, Dave Brown could brag that he had atleast one fan with his poster in his room, and the youngster could officially brag that Chris Calloway wanted him on the Giants after witnessing him win the pass competition out of his age class at the Radisson Hotel Giants event.


The next few years were beyond painful for this loyal Giants fan. Still - He refused to ever miss a game. He rode the ups and downs (mostly downs) as he saw seasons come and go - With the Giants crowning achievement at some points appearing to be their fans snowball throwing abilities. As bad as things got he pushed on and every time his faith wavered he found comfort in minor victories in miserable seasons. When the lowly Giants beat the then undefeated Broncos, he gathered his brother and cousin, battled the bitter cold, and went outside to play some ball - emulating the Amani Toomer game winning catch over and over.... "Our time will come" he thought... It will feel even better than this... A million times better...


To be continued....



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Good Blog...


Thanks... I will be adding to it each week. I love personal stories from people involving the superbowl run and their history as fans so I will be posting mine tracing back from age 5!

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