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Bad news




In my first blog, I gave a shout out to my three cousins that were adding to their families. Unfortunately, with a really heavy heart, I have to retract one of those shout outs.


Over the weekend my cousin, Ice's (again I'm using nicknames to respect privacy) wife went into labor. The problem is that she was only 5 1/2 months along. The doctor informed her and Ice that they had two choices: either give birth to the baby and see if they could save him (about a 2% chance of survival), or have an abortion. In order to keep their son from suffering to death, they elected to have the abortion. Fortunately, both of them are doing well, considering the circumstances. I was really concerned about Ice's wife, because she was so far along and really looking forward to having her second child. Thankfully, she kept her head on straight through this tough situation. I'm still hurting, but I know that it was all for the best. Had the child been born under those circumstances he likely would've been on medication for most of his life, and fighting illness after illness for his first few months. No child should ever go through that.


"Ice"... "Nelly"... Your son is in good hands.



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