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- Tutorial Rules - (Please Read)

Tutorial Rules.

The only things we ask is that you give a full Tutorial. That includes detail instructions, and step-by-step pictures on every Tutorial, and also a final result. We appreciate for your time and efforts, but we also understand there will be beginners in here looking up to you to help them with their problems. A visual tutorial will eliminate countless questions, and also help readers better understand what you are trying to present and teach.

Our goal is to make this Message board not only an environment where you can trash talk about your favorite teams and sports. But we would also like it to become a place where people can learn something and enjoy from what each one of our members has to offer. Our Staff would greatly appreciate it, if you would fully cooperate with this idea. And Iím sure our newly SIGers would greatly appreciate it too.

If you fail to do this, your Tutorial will be deleted. And all your hard work will be for nothing. To prevent this from happening, please present your Tutorial in the following format:

-Title of the Tutorial
Just name the nature of your tutorial and what the Tutorial is going to be about.

Each step will need an image and small description on what you're trying to do.

-Final Result
Post a final image result, that way people can use it as reference and see if they fully completed the Tutorial.


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